Sustonable is

Sustonable is the new revolutionary sustainable, thin and ultra-lightweight surface made with a unique combination of quartz and recycled PET plastic.

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Sustonable fits perfectly into any project that requires to be perdurable, resistant, elegant, and sustainable. It is such a versatile material that can be used for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, worktops, wall panels, tabletops, bars, shower panels...

Sustonable is a new high-quality material that is 100% circular and sustainable


Sustonable can be recycled again. Keeping a clean environment.

Respectful raw materials

Clean and recycled resources. No hazardous chemicals involved.

Longer life

Very adaptable and designed to last. No planned obsolescence.

Waste prevention

Waste and pollution are out thanks to a continuous and efficient production. 80% less waste than traditional materials.