Leading the sustainable design. Part 2: Eco Stone Collection

Sustonable Eco Stone Collection brings warmth and serenity to any project that aspires to have an eco-style. Its natural palette transports us to raw environments, soils, rocks, mountains, and skies. Still intact, far from any human footprint. Sustonable Eco Stone Collection is designed to tell the most beautiful story: the earth lives happily ever after.

Are you looking for beauty, simplicity, and sustainability? Keep reading to be delighted by The Eco Stone Collection from Sustonable.

Earthy Calacatta

Its earthy brownish colour has given the name to this design. Its natural forms provide light and serenity to any application: wall panels for creating a cozy corner in your living room; as a worktop to bold your kitchen concept, even as a part of an auxiliary table to have THE “call to attention” detail… Let Earthy Calacatta talk for you and spread eco-style around.

Clean Statuary

Its clean lines utter an artistic finish to this pattern. The grey colour offers a delicate image, composing an immediate relaxed environment. Clean Statuary is like connecting the dots for pure design.

Sustainable Calacatta

Our first pattern, Sustainable Calacatta reminds us why we do what we do: sustainable decorative surfaces for those who want to change and leave a better world behind. Its bold veins show powerfully around the design. Why do you not use it as striking detail in a room or a piece of furniture?

Pierre Black

This design brings a memory of the summer starry nights, the profound black base with the little lighter dots reminds the sky at night. Such an elegant pattern will certainly provide a high dose of sobriety to any atmosphere.

Subtle Marquina

Subtle Marquina is a perfect and delicate solution for those who love dark stones. With a definite presence and smooth pattern, it won’t go unnoticed. Perfect for a smart bathroom or an opulent kitchen.

Cocoa Empire

Cocoa Empire is one of the most captivating designs. It is a playful game of the traditional Brown Emperor Stone. Sustonable introduces a remake of this stone composed of off-white and grey veining while conserving the brown and grey background tones. It is a mesmerising design when it is applied to an entire room. The pattern captivates even the most lost in thought person.

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