Sustonable, your ace to design a sustainable project

Sustonable is revolutionising architecture and interior design by providing a more conscious surface capable of fulfilling the most challenging technical capabilities and excelling in quality and design.

Sustonable showroom

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Innovative material

Sustonable has pioneered using quartz and recycled PET from plastic bottles and transforming them into the market’s smartest decorative surface material.

Very high impact resistance 

Sustonable material reduces the possibility of cracking or breaking during installation as opposed to other engineered stones and ceramic materials.

Highly resistant to stains

Sustonable material is exceptionally resistant to being stained or marked because it is made of non-porous inert materials.

Sustonable surfaces are thin, lightweight, ultra-resistant, sizeable, stable, easy to manipulate and transport. 


As a result of our continuous production process, Sustonable produces thin slabs that use around 60% less raw materials than some traditional products and generate 0% waste


Its nearly zero porosity makes Sustonable a waterproof surface, so it is a perfect material to apply when contact with water is required.

Sustonable Bathroom
Subtle Marquina and Eco Carrara Bathroom

Hygienic, easy to maintain and clean

Sustonable is also one of the most sanitary materials available in the surface market due to its practically zero porosity. It prevents the formation of everyday stains and makes cleaning faster and easier

Aesthetic insulation 

Sustonable panels help to reduce heat flow and increase the soundproofing insulation while combining great aesthetic features.

Mindful cream Sustonable. Wall panels
Wall panels

Have, for the first time, your decor projects insulated with style.


Sustonable wall panels reduce the time of labour on site. Wall panel sections can be brought cut-to-size to the site and installed quickly. You won’t need three people to transport one slab 🙂

Sustonable technical characteristics guarantee a lifetime product compared with other similar materials.



Sustonable creates composite stone surfaces from recycled PET plastic bottles, giving a noble purpose to our waste while cleaning up the oceans of plastic. 

Eco and 100% recyclable

Made by using respectful raw materials and lower virgin components, Sustonable Engineered Stone is one of the most genuinely sustainable and circular surfaces in the market: it can be recycled over and over again


Sustonable supports the Circular Economy by repurposing discarded plastic into something valuable, keeping out material waste, and providing a long life to every Sustonable surface. In the event of the end of life for Sustonable, the material will not end in a landfill as it can be reused and recycled again.

Free of hazardous chemicals

Sustonable desires to reduce global pollution and generate a cleaner environment; that is why there are no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions involved in our production process.

Lower carbon footprint

Sustonable’s carbon footprint is significantly lower than other Engineered Stones, High-Pressure Laminates (HPL), or other building materials.

Waste prevention

Sustonable is produced efficiently and continuously to avoid waste, and thanks to its light and thin properties, sustonable reduces the debris from installation up to 80%. 



Sustonable is perfect for different applications: countertops, shower panels, cladding… and it is totally open to suggestions, so feel free to ask us for any colour and design!


We pursue a more sustainable world so; the more people can have access to sustainable products, the healthier our planet will be. Sustainable products cannot be a luxury; otherwise, we will be far from saving the planet.

Sustonable also promotes the Smart saving: you will save the planet and your pocket, as you don’t have to pay “dirty taxes” (when demolition, sustonable debris won’t end polluting a landfill).

Unlimited designs

Sustonable designs look like the most beautiful natural stone. The only difference is Sustonable is sustainable 🙂

Earthy Calacatta from Sustonable
Earthy Calacatta from Sustonable

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