Sustonable team grows!

Sustonable has appointed Manuel Redondo as Research & Development Product Engineer.

Manuel Redondo, has a Chemical Engineering Degree from the Universidad de Valencia and he has been working indirectly with Sustonable for a couple of years already. He will run the position of R&D Product Engineer and he will be in charge of Product Development and Approval Activities. Redondo describes Sustonable as “One of the companies leading the change to Circular Economy and transforming the building materials into a more ecological, conscious and sustainable sector. ”

Sustonable’s Chief Executive, Erik Schoneveld, described Redondo as “very talented and dedicated professional, as well as a great person to work with.”

About Sustonable

Sustonable is leading the global transformation to a Circular Economy by reducing plastic waste and creating sustainable materials as innovative, light weight, strong and 100% recyclable eco-surfaces.

Setting the planet in the right Circular direction and the growing desire to conquer Zero Waste is Sustonable’s honest purpose.