Sustonable #differentbydesign

Sustonable is committed to protecting the planet with its revolutionary sustainable, thin and ultra-lightweight surface made with a unique combination of natural stone and ince ve çok hafif yeni yüzey malzemesidirSustonable is our contribution to help using more sustainable materials because, with the current global situation, it is necessary to work with greener alternatives to mitigate the climate crisis.

Based on the same goal, Sustonable production process is totally continuous to avoid factory and product waste, contrarily than traditional producers, which manufacture per batches. The mixture is formed when both materials, natural stone, and recycled PET (rPET) plastic bottles, are raised to 250-300°C, and rPET melts. Due to the heat process, the mix results in a liquid blend distributed and constructed through a continuous press.

During this process, Sustonable does not apply any toxic catalysts or accelerators, and this is because the Sustonable Production Line has been designed towards sustainability and circularity methods. The whole industrial process is devised not to emit gas vapours or create any dust clouds.

The process is a healthy balance of the right temperatures, clean materials, and proper techniques to make practically minimal and safe emissions for our staff.

Hence, Sustonable is the evolution of the traditional decorative surface materials into a more ecological, affordable, and recyclable alternative for architectural and decor projects. Therefore, Sustonable fits perfectly into any project that requires to be durable, resistant, elegant, and sustainable. It is such a versatile material that can be used for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, worktops, wall panels, tabletops, bars, shower panels, furniture

Sustonable has proven advantages thanks to its technical properties, a state-of-the-art material that has pioneered using natural stone plus recycled PET from plastic bottles and transforming them into the market’s smartest decorative surface material.

Unlimited designs

Thanks to the Sustonable design process, we can replicate any pattern and colour: stone, wood, marble, concrete…. Sustonable designs will always look natural, like the most beautiful natural stone. The only difference is Sustonable is sustainable.

Very high impact resistance

Sustonable material reduces the possibility of cracking or breaking during installation, as opposed to other traditional materials like engineered stones and ceramic materials.

Stain resistant

Sustonable material is exceptionally resistant to being stained or marked thanks to its non-porous inert materials.


Its practically zero porosity makes Sustonable a waterproof surface; hence it is a perfect material to apply when contact with water is required.


At Sustonable we produce thin slabs that use around 60% less raw materials than some traditional products (and generate 0% waste as Sustonable can be reintroduced in the production process and reused again and again).

Hygienic, easy to maintain, and clean

Sustonable is also one of the most sanitary materials available in the surface market due to its practically zero porosity. It prevents the formation of everyday stains and makes cleaning faster and easier.

Aesthetic insulation

Sustonable panels help to reduce heat flow and increase the soundproofing insulation while merging great aesthetic features.


Sustonable spends less energy than traditional materials to produce the same amount of m2. Sustonable Abiotic Depletion Fossils (ADP*) is 161 Megajoules (MJ), while the average consumption for traditional materials is 537 MJ.

Lowest carbon footprint

Sustonable is the surface that releases the least C02 into the atmosphere when compared to traditional materials for decorative surfaces. The carbon footprint of Sustonable is 62 % lower., being its Global Warming Potential 11 kg CO2eq. It compares favorably to these similar materials, which average 31 kg CO2eq.

Eco and 100% recyclable

Made by using respectful raw materials and lower virgin components, Sustonable is 100% post-consumer plastics. Plastics that have been used by people like you and me, discarded, collected, recycled, and thankfully reused again reducing the amount of plastic waste on the planet.


Sustonable supports the Circular Economy by repurposing this discarded plastic into something valuable, keeping out material waste, and providing a long life to every Sustonable surface. In the event of the end of life for Sustonable, the material will not end in a landfill as it can be reused and recycled again.

Zararlı kimyasal içermez

Sustonable desires to reduce global pollution and generate a cleaner environment; that is why there are no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions involved in our production process.

Atık kontrolü

Sustonable is produced efficiently and continuously to avoid waste, and thanks to its light and thin properties, Sustonable reduces the debris from installation up to 80%.


Sustonable is perfect for different applications: countertops, shower panels, cladding… and it is totally open to suggestions, so feel free to ask for any colour and design.

Uygun Fiyat

We pursue a more sustainable world so; the more people can have access to sustainable products, the healthier our planet will be. Sustainable products cannot be a luxury; otherwise, we will be far from saving the planet.

The linear economy cannot continue, it is putting the planet at risk. So it is time to move on and reuse and remanufacture our waste, give a new purpose and close the consumption loop. At Sustonable, we are following these steps. Are you going to be part of the change too?