We clean up the oceans and mountains of plastic waste and transform it into recycled surfaces. We also spend less energy than traditional materials to produce the same amount of m2.


Respectful raw materials and lower virgin components create our truly eco surface. Sustonable can be recycled over and over again.

100% circular

We support the Circular Economy by repurposing discarded plastic into something valuable, keeping out material waste, and providing a long life to every Sustonable surface.

Free of hazardous chemicals

We want to reduce global pollution and generate a cleaner environment; that is why there are no reactive chemicals involved in our production process.

Lowest carbon footprint

Sustonable is the surface that releases the least C02 into the atmosphere when compared to traditional materials for decorative surfaces.


Perfect for different applications: countertops, shower panels, cladding...
Open to any colour and design.


We pursue a more sustainable world so, the more people can have access to sustainable products, the healthier our planet will be. Eco products cannot be a luxury; otherwise, we will be far from saving the planet.

Easy to work with

Sustonable is thin, lightweight, ultra-resistant, easy to manipulate and transport, sizeable, and so stable that there are no breakages during installation.


Sustonable Engineered Stone is one of the most sanitary materials available in the surfaces market due to its zero porosity.

Fine and beautiful

Sustonable designs look like the most beautiful natural stone. The only difference is Sustonable is sustainable 🙂