Wall decor: the growing trend for 2022

Decorative wall panels are indeed a growing trend in home interiors today, this decoration is excellent to style any room. Plus, the “infinity” visual effect obtained by employing big format slabs will place your room to another fashion level.

Sustonable panels can help you obtain this effect as they are available in different length sizes so, say goodbye to the grid effect, you will reach the ceiling with just one slab :).
Faster to install than standard tiles, lightweight and easy to handle, plus the different colours, patterns and finishes make Sustonable wall panels a perfect element to aesthetically enhance and accentuate your walls, and consequently the whole ambience.

And remember, with just 1m2 of Sustonable surface, you are cleaning up 100 plastic bottles from the environment. So it is not only about design and technical capabilities, we are talking about designing right for the planet.