Sustonable, the Circular Design Surface

For Sustonable, our brand name is more than a label; it represents our most valuable goal and where do we want to go. As our old logo said, being sustainable was not enough; we needed a more complex name that could represent how involved we are and what we want to be within the Circular Economy.

The Circular Design surface

The new naming aims to go a step further around sustainability and focus on the Circular Economy. Recovering the planet is at our core, so keeping and stabilising natural resources is necessary. That is why we are focusing our efforts on applying the Circular principles

Sustonable is creating a product where waste and pollution are out of the equation.

Sustonable is a recyclable circular design surface made of recycled pet plastic bottles and natural stoneThe plastic used is post-consumer to reduce the tons of plastic that end in oceans and landfills every year.

For those who do not already know, post-consumer plastics are plastics that, after being discarded, are picked up, cleaned, and reprocessed at processing facilities, then, they are converted into recycled plastics. This process allows the reuse of plastics and converts them into new products, reducing the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

Apart from reducing global waste, there are no hazardous chemicals involved in the Sustonable production process. Actually, Sustonable Volatile Organic Components (VOC) results are shallow: the total amount of VOCs for Sustonable material is 33 µg/m3, when usually for obtaining the GREENGUARD CERTIFICATION, the maximum amount is 500 µg/m3.

Sustonable also excels in energy consumption: according to Sustonable results, the depletion of non-renewable sources (APD) is on average 67% lower than the traditional materials used for decorative surfaces (engineered quartz, solid surfaces, HPL, ceramics….). Sustonable ADP is 161 Megajoules (MJ), while the median is 537 MJ. In other words, Sustonable is saving more energy while producing the same amount of m2.

Same with the carbon footprint: the carbon footprint of Sustonable material is 62 % lower than traditional materials for decorative surfaces. The EPD for Sustonable is 11 kg CO2eq. It compares favourably to similar materials, which average 31 kg CO2eq. Hence architects, designers, retailers, distributors concerned about climate change and sustainability actions could use our material to improve their environmental footprint.

We also keep a good eye for water consumption: Sustonable recovers 85% of the water used for production thanks to the water treatment equipment.

Sustonable limits the use of raw materials to a bare minimum and keeps already-produced materials in use.

Using Sustonable material helps reduce plastic waste as we recycle 100 PET plastic bottles per m2 fabricated. 

Sustonable lasts and will not end on a landfill because it can be collected and reintroduced in the production system again at the end of life. 

All these points create a closed-loop balance between the natural system and our production. Welcome real sustainability 🙂

We are also very concerned about offering a unique product. In this material, designers and architects can feel at ease, a surface with endless possibilities for printing (wood, marble type, stone, concrete, watercolour…), so it is easier to have personalised designs, but also, the technical part is crucial for us. We are very aware that a lousy product does not have to be in the market as it is not sustainable; the world needs products that last, that are robust, so is Sustonable. We are proud to say it is one of the strongest surfaces in the market. Sustonable does not break easily or chip. Same with its easy maintenance, we know day to day activities can be challenging; that is why we introduce a surface to last.

And remember, it is at our core to produce products to last a lifetime. However, if there is an end of life, a Sustonable surface can be recycled and reintroduced into the production system again, preventing the creation of more waste. 

But we do not finish here. Our goal is to keep working to avant-garde in circular materials for building, design and decoration. Follow us on Social media to see how we are running a marathon against plastic waste 🙂

Join us!