Sustonable in the race for Accenture Innovation Awards 2017

Early this month we were surprised by the good news that Sustonable has been nominated for an Accenture Innovation Award in the category ‘Circular Economy’.

Accenture Innovation Awards 2017

The Accenture Innovation Awards are presented annually to innovative concepts, divided into twelve categories.

In each category different brands and companies compete for the Accenture Innovation Awards, one of which is issued, for each category, to the best innovative concept. There are as many as 779 participants this year, in total, who have a chance to get an Accenture Innovation Award.

Circular composite by Sustonable

Thanks to its unique product, the world’s first circular composite, Sustonable has been included in the top ten innovations in the category ‘Circular Economy’.

This material is 100% recyclable and is developed based on recycled PET and quartz. Our material is being produced without the use of polluting chemicals or chemical processes. Owing to our unique production process, the circular composite is up to 50% stronger, 80% lighter, while we are able to offer our product at lower prices than other suppliers.

Sustonable circular composite stone is used for various (household) applications, including kitchen worktops, washbasins and wall tiles.