Sustonable appoints Okan ÜNYAZICI as Chief Operating Officer

Sustonable has announced Okan Ünyazici as its new Chief Operating Officer. Okan will be a crucial member of the Sustonable Management Board, and he will strengthen the manufacturing activities along with the two founders, Erik Schonveveld, Chief Executive Officer, and Laurens van Graafeiland, Chief Financial Officer.

Okan Ünyazici has been working for Gülermak Heavy Industries Construction since 1999. Ünyazici has developed a vast experience in Quality Control Management and ERP Management Systems.

Okan claims, “Sustonable will be producing up to 400.000 square meters of sustainable composite stone material per year, and we are going to ensure guaranteed quality rates for every production, a fully reliable service, and zero customers complaints.”

“We continue to drive our growth plans and invest in strategic talent as Okan, he will be a vital asset for the company’s success,” Erik Schoneveld affirmed.

Magnificent success ahead! Welcome to the team Okan.