The consumer attitude

Consumer attitudes and behaviour are usually influenced by fashion and marketing strategies rather than the concerns of obsolescence or recycling. However, a new “conscious” consumer is rising among the traditional society of buy, use and discard. This can be seen in the growing demand for sustainable products and services supporting the circular economy. However, the number is still too small.

That is why the EU’s has an action plan for the Circular economy. This is divided into five points of action that will help consumers to choose products and services that are better for the environment, more time and energy efficient and increase the quality of life, not only consumers’, the environment also:

  • Promote reduction, reuse and repair of products(the 3 “Rs”);
  • Provide more reliable and enough consumer information  
  • Raise energy savings, efficiency, durability and recyclability of the products.
  • Improve the enforcement of existing rules on guarantees and tackle greenwashing plus planned obsolescence
  • Support “buying green” by governments and public bodies;

Some companies are already seeing the importance of providing circular products to mass consumption. It is a must that companies radically change their way of producing and start offering products and services that are better for the environment and, at the same time, are efficient and increase the quality of life.