Sustonable, sustainable wall panels for any bathroom project

DIY markets, wholesalers, architects and contractors are increasingly receiving the demand from the consumer for wall panels in one piece. These walls are nowadays a popular application for bathrooms and toilets, thanks to their simple installation and easy maintenance.

Sustonable also responds to this new trend and has developed unique, durable wall panels for bathrooms and toilets.

Our wall panels are not only a beautiful, modern addition to the bathroom, but also sustainable and affordable. We will gladly tell you more about it!

Bathroom and toilet walls with fewer joints

Walls in bathrooms and toilets are usually a combination of tiles and stucco, but we see that bathroom walls and toilet walls with fewer joints are becoming increasingly popular.

The Sustonable wall panels only have vertical joints, in contrast to regular walls that also have horizontal joints.

Not only does this make them beautiful and sleek, walls with fewer joints also have many practical advantages. They are a lot easier to install than separate single tiles, so that a lot of time can be saved when renovating a bathroom or toilet.

In addition, after the placement of the wall panels, the end user also benefits from the ease that these panels bring. The wall is much easier to keep clean and to maintain.

Material of the wall panels

The demand for wall panels from one solid piece is rising and we are already seeing various types of wall panels entering the market.

Acrylic or solid surface wall panels are popular, but they do not have the look and feel of stone that is so popular and, moreover, these products contain polluting raw materials.

Ceramic wall panels are also popular, but are very fragile and therefore extra risky when installing them.

In addition, there are wall panels made of composite, but because this material is very heavy, it is not easy to apply in every bathroom or toilet.

Sustonable wallpanels are:

  • Lightweight
  • Unbreakable
  • Very affordable
  • 100% recyclable

This makes Sustonable an interesting alternative for separate single wall tiles.

Do you increasingly get the demand for modern wall panels from your customers? Then, we can help you with Sustonable’s durable wall panels.

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