The sustainable wall panel collection

Sustonable presents a sustainable collection of wall panelling as an alternative to traditional tiles. Sustonable wall panels are more robust than ceramics thanks to their strength properties; hence there is no cracking or chipping during installation. It is also far more manageable to install because Sustonable can be applied directly over the bare wall, and there are fewer joints to work on due to its long format.

Sustonable is also waterproof; therefore, it is resistant to mould, and the panels are effortless to clean, making daily care very comfortable.

Sustonable wall panels can be purchased in a wide selection of designs spanning marble, stone, plain colours… Providing an attractive solution for any style. Its bespoke digital print technology also gives endless possibilities to create a personalised design.  

Sustonable is very much focused on offering a sustainable material, so, made of recycled PET post-consumer plastics and natural stone, Sustonable reuses already discarded plastics and converts them into new products, reducing plastic waste in the environment.  

For every m2 of Sustonable wall panels, 100 PET plastic bottles are recycled and reused, supporting the planet to be cleaner.

But not only the material has been designed to be environmentally friendly. The production process also follows this path as the energy consumption of non-renewable sources is 67% lower than the traditional materials used for decorative surfaces (engineered quartz, solid surfaces, HPL, ceramics….). Sustonable is saving more energy while producing the same amount of m2.

Identical with the carbon footprint produced, Sustonable is 11 kg CO2eq; this is 62% lower than similar materials.

Sustonable wall panels are the definitive solution for any decoration or design project that wants to be genuinely sustainable.

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Let’s make the change the planet needs!