Serious Life Essentials: Forests

Even if you do not see them, forests are everywhere. We use everything from the trees: the avocado of your breakfast toast, cough syrup, cooking or body oils, insecticides, perfumes, cork, ink, the notebook in which you make a list to buy all of the above, and many other utensils also come from some part of the tree. We need trees; actually, we need forests. They mainly produce the oxygen we need to live.
Global Forest Watch states that in 2019 almost 12 million hectares of forest were lost worldwide, of which nearly four million correspond to primary forests. This means that the forest has been established for decades and has not needed human intervention for its growth.
This aggressive deforestation is being raised on the International Day of Forests to create awareness among the world population. In 2021, this day’s theme is: Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being. For this, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) has created a video showing that just planting a tree can change the entire cycle of destruction and emerge a different one ultimately: forests full of life.
But, what role does the manufacturing industry play in this problem? A massive one. It is up to companies to stop using single-use natural resources, raze forests to manufacture their products, and use them as landfills for products that will not biologically disappear for thousands of years.
That is why at Sustonable, we work so that forests do not disappear, using recycled materials for our surfaces without using and dumping products that are harmful to the ecosystem.
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Global Forest Watch

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations