Sustonable awarded Horizon 2020 subsidy Phase 2

Sustonable is proud to announce that it has received a Horizon 2020 SME Phase 2 subsidy. The subsidy is for the demonstration of proprietary technology to further improve the quality of its products and to set up a recycling program.

Innovative circular building material

Sustonable’s technology and product composition are unique and patented.

Sustonable’s innovative surface material is initially used to produce countertops, tabletops and wall panels for bathrooms. The material has the appearance of stone and is more cost-effective to produce. There are endless opportunities for design. Furthermore, it uses as much as 50% less natural resources, and it is much lighter, more flexible and stronger than existing materials.Recycled PET is used as a binding agent, consisting of plastic bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate, a synthetic fibre that is highly suitable for recycling. Thanks to the thermoplastic material it is 100% recyclable, which contributes to the circular economy. Sustonable will setup a system to re-use its own fabrication and post-consumer waste material.

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the European Commission’s program to stimulate European research and innovation focused on driving innovation and securing Europe’s global competitiveness. The SME instrument Phase 2 focuses primarily on innovative and disruptive scale-ups with international growth ambitions and potential.

These are companies that want to scale up and bring a new product, process or service to the European market. H2020 is a highly competitive program which funds only the top three percent of applications. This funding will go towards further driving research and innovation on Sustonable’s products made from recycled materials. This grant will enable new research and development aimed at improving the materials and optimizing the process enabling Sustonable to provide a better greener product for our customer base.

In addition to the funding, Sustonable is honored to be recognized by the European Commission and the Horizon2020 commission.

About Sustonable

Sustonable will expand its operations in research & development and marketing & sales in Spain and the Netherlands and focus on improving the product and developing new applications for outdoor uses. In addition, Sustonable will grow the operations in Turkey and will be looking for opportunities to expand globally as well.

At the same time, Sustonable keeps its products attractive and affordable.

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Laurens van Graafeiland, CFO

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