The planet needs more than greenwashing

A genuinely eco brand must look beyond creating a few sustainable products. It needs to make a real, sustainable 360º environment around its label to be truly green. This involves the entire supply chain: from product conception and fabrication, chosen materials, logistics, packaging, retail building, working conditions… It is not enough to create an “eco-product”. It is most important what is happening behind the scene, and customers are more aware of it than ever.

Greenwashing (when a company spends more time and money positioning themselves as environmentally friendly rather than minimising their environmental impact ) is not valid nowadays. Brands should forget about this practice and create meaningful sustainability initiatives like using eco-friendly materials to cut back carbon emissions, compostable materials, reduce water usage, fuel consumption, do not use toxic chemicals… And not only because society is demanding this change. It needs to come from the brand core, be a real and fundamental purpose: to fix the planet and restore natural resources.

Sustainability is an honest purpose that should be on everyone’s agenda and, as William Shakespeare once mentioned: “No legacy is so rich as honesty.”. Let’s be honest and start doing things differently, we all can change towards sustainability.