plastic waste is a huge problem

and we need to be more conscious about iT

We can no longer sit back with folded arms and watch the world go wrong...
The time to act is now. We must save the earth, clean up the plastic from the oceans, and value what we would usually discard.


This purpose leads us to create the only truly sustainable composite stone surface made by recycled plastic and quartz.

We repurpose plastic that has been thrown away into something useful and perdurable.

We protect the exhaustion of natural resources eliminating the need for natural stone by 80%

Our mission is to run a marathon against plastics where every m² means 100 bottles less of plastics ending up in the environment.

We firmly believe

It is still possible to save the planet and live in a more environmentally friendly world.

Together we can stop this and preserve the oceans for future generations.

Join our recycling marathon to keep beaches as the happiest corners of the earth.