Sustonable receives funding from BOM (Brabant Development Agency (BOM).

During Sustonable’s pitch at HighTechXL Day, we announced that we had already secured a large amount of funding for the development of our product in 2017, from various parties, with the BOM as lead-investor. The investment is used for the development of the product and process, the performance of product tests, and to further develop our market position.

The BOM sees Sustonable, which will base its development and sales organisation in Brabant, as a start-up that combines beautiful technology with an appealing business case. Besides the committed investment of capital, the BOM looks to support Sustonable’s future, in other respects, as well.

During Sustonable’s participation in the HighTechXL

acceleration programme in Eindhoven, several additional investors have

already been persuaded of the potential of Sustonable’s new technology.