It is not about plastic. It is about us…

For many years, plastic has been a material demonised to the extreme, being blamed for almost all environmental problems. It has been described as a marine life killer and a polluting element for our health. But plastic could be a “sustainable material” if it is well used. Through technology and industrial applications, it could provide multiple benefits.

Plastic is a lightweight and safe material; it actually guarantees health safety due to the multiple controls to which it is subjected and to all the most demanding international regulations. Plastic is used to preserve food and avoids waste. It is a durable material, so plastic products ( it could last around 100 years!) could save using more resources… And most importantly, it is recyclable. Here is where it comes the deal: the real problem is that plastic is not being recycled in its totally, and nowadays, there is so much plastic that is not reused on our planet. We need to roll up our sleeves and start using plastic properly; it is essential to have a responsible attitude and manage waste with conscience, reusing and recycling products.

On the other hand, and significantly related to our sector, the construction industry is one of the industries that pollutes the most. Mainly, it uses non-recyclable materials that end up in landfills because the debris cannot be reused or recycled back.

There is so much waste on our planet that it is a must to do something with this garbage, start our engines and be innovative. So here is where Sustonable began: why do not combine recycled plastic with construction? And what better way to put them together and create a sustainable product like Sustonable made from PET and natural stone that is a recycled product and recyclable as it is, making it a circular material.

With this surface material, we aim to turn the construction industry around and demonstrate that it is possible to build with sustainable materials but having the same (even better!) characteristics as existing materials on the market.

Do you want to know how we do it? Check our website for more info! Or contact us at info@sustonable.com