Why is it important to keep the air clean?

Clean air is indispensable to health and people in their quotidian life, and also, atmosphere pollution is the highest environmental risk to human health. It is one of the main reasons for death and illness in the whole of the world that could be avoided. 

The 2030 Agenda, promoted by United Nations, recognize in its roadmap, that reducing atmosphere pollution is essential to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals. This is the reason today, and every 7th of September is celebrated the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies. Every year has a theme, and this year is “The Air that We Share”.

We all breathe the same air, we just have one common atmosphere that protects us, therefore, pollution is a global problem, in which we may act. The invisible particles of pollution go inside in our lungs, blood, and body. Those, are responsible for one-third of cerebrovascular deaths, respiratory disease, and lung cancer. These consequences, lead us to take an urgent need to act globally, raising public awareness at all levels, and promoting and facilitating actions to improve air quality. 

We believe that a change in the world is possible, and for this reason, we are always looking to enhance to get lower rates of air pollution in material production. At the same time, we like to share information that keeps people informed and aware of the situation. We also share and create actions, to encourage people to change habits that are not harmful to the air we share.