Why is Sustonable a Circular Design Surface?

Sustonable is the new sustainable and ultralight surface made with recycled plastic bottles and natural stone. Sustonable is a more ecological alternative than the traditional surfaces that we can find in the market nowadays as it is a material based on the Circular Economy principles. We recycle as many plastics as possible to keep them in use, out of the environment and retain the amount of new raw materials used to a bare minimum.

Furthermore, Sustonable, at the end of its life cycle, can be reintroduced into the production system again, avoiding generating new waste.

Actually, per every m2 of Sustonable surface, we recycle 100 plastic bottles. We reuse these used plastics and transform them into new products, helping clean the oceans and mountains of plastic pollution.

Sustonable is an authentic, sustainable material, not only because of the re-utilisation we make of already produced materials but also because of its production system, which consumes less energy: The ADP (abiotic depletion of fossil resources) of Sustonable is 161 megajoules (MJ), while the materials’ average  (technical quartz, solid surfaces, HPL, ceramics…) is 537 MJ. In other words, Sustonable consumes less energy even though producing the same amount of m2.

Our obsession? Clean the world of plastic waste

Sustonable also consumes less water. We recover 85% of the water used for production thanks to its water treatment equipment. Correspondingly, its carbon footprint is 62% lower than traditional materials such as ceramics, solid surfaces, and composites. The Sustonable EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) confirms the production of 11 kg CO2eq when similar materials average 31 kg CO2eq. Therefore, architects, designers, retailers, and distributors concerned about climate change and sustainability actions can use Sustonable to improve their environmental footprint.

Likewise, no hazardous chemical products are released during production; in fact, the total amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) for Sustonable is 33 µg/m3, when usually, to obtain the GREENGUARD Certification, the maximum amount is 500 µg/m3.

In addition, the possibility of recovering the material and reintroducing it into the system again makes it a real solution for professionals who are conscious of the environment and the planet.

We provide the first circular design surface, which can be recycled repeatedly

Sustonable has infinite design possibilities: marble, stone, cement, wood… Sustonable adapts the design to your needs. Its finish, both in High Glow and Low Glow, its stone touch, its hardness (which gives a remarkably high resistance), its bending capacity, which eliminates the possibility of chipping and its lightness make Sustonable a material of great help for modern constructions and large format designs.

Friendly Terrazzo Kitchen countertop and backsplash with Lanesto sink and tap.

We are proud to be a recycled product et de help the planet reduce the tons of plastic that cross our seas and mountains.

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