Tips for a sustainable kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home, apart from containing tools necessary to prepare any kind of meal, it is also the main area for storage, seating and communication. Without a home it would perceive empty. So now, imagining a sustainable kitchen, it converts a house into an “eco-friendly” home. 

As a sustainable company, we want to give you some tips for using sustainable materials, responsible methods and environmentally conscious. 

Reuse objects

Following the 3R  rule, a top tip is to reuse items you already have. You can reuse old cabinet doors and drawers, and paint it with VOC-free paint to refresh up the look. We suggest you use VOC-free paint, because VOC is the reason for harmful chemicals. 

Efficient energy use

We mean efficient energy use, when we use energy-efficient appliances. Appliances are rated from G to A+++, to explain how efficient they are. If you want to be sustainable, then A+++ appliances are the ones for you. 

Induction hob shield is a great choice because it heats much faster than traditional gas or electric. You save time, energy and money. LED lights for lighting are good as well, you use less energy for the same brightness. 

Choose materials commitment with the planet

Using materials that come from a natural source is a better choice than plastic that can be made using harmful chemicals. Some of those materials can be solid timber, plywood or bamboo. Solid timber is a great choice for durability and longevity because it can be repainted and repaired. Plywood is made of thin sheets of wood glued together, and is strong, durable and versatile. Bamboo is very easy to grow and is considered a very fast growing renewable resource. 

For countertops, you can use FSC timber. Forest Stewardship Control certification, is timber that is processed in the most environmentally and responsible way. 

On the other hand, there are some materials that use tiny chips of broken and crushed glass or plastic and are combined with natural materials or resin to make recycled glass or plastic countertops.

Sustonable is one of these materials, we are recycled and recyclable surfaces made with post consumer plastic waste and natural stone. Besides, one of  the advantages is you have endless possibilities for personalized designs and is cost competitive and eco friendly.