Sweeping the dirt under the carpet…

Turkey becomes Europe’s garbage dump

Turkey has become the selected destination for European waste exporters. According to Eurostat, the country brought in 11.4 million tons of waste from EU countries last year, three times more than 2004.

And on top of this waste, WWF Turkey declares around 1.1 million tons of garbage leaks into the country every year.

This article from POLITICO Europe only highlights how crucial it is to look for sustainable processes to manage and recycle our waste globally. Otherwise, we are clearly moving the dirt under the carpet, and eventually, this dirt will end coming back to us, again.

Sustonable is battling this waste by reusing discarded plastic, recycling it and transforming it into a sustainable and circular material: an eco engineered stone made of recycled PET plastic bottles and quartz. Our factory at Polatli, Turkey is locally sourced of these two materials, maintaining the carbon footprint low.

Join us in our mission to run a marathon against plastics where m² signifie 100 bouteilles de plastique en moins qui se retrouvent dans la nature.