Famous and Sustainable

It is a no-brainer that actors, singers, models, or influencers do advertising campaigns with brands not associated with their profession. However, for a few years, some celebrities have offered their image to save the planet.

Leonardo DiCaprio shocked the world when he won his first Oscar after four unsuccessful nominations. While the rest of the winners thanked relatives, cast, or producers for the statuette, DiCaprio took advantage of his award speech to warn of climate change. “Climate change is real. It is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our species. We need to work together and stop procrastinating,” DiCaprio said.

But the actor has not been the only one standing up for the planet; last week, actress Halle Berry and singer Shawn Mendes joined the new campaign for the alkaline water brand: Flow. Using the momentum of Earth Month, Flow highlights its commitment to sustainability with its recycled Tetra-Pak packaging. Berry is also an investor for the Canadian brand, alongside Shawn Mendes, Taboo, and Post Malone.

Mendes posted about the partnership on his Instagram, writing that he is “so excited to be a part of a campaign and company that celebrates and supports the positive effects of choosing sustainably sourced and packaged water. As one of the millions of young people passionate about creating a better future for our planet,” he wrote, “I hope to continue to make a difference with this forward-thinking brand that shares the same goals.”

Additionally, as part of the campaign, Flow is teaming up with Mendes to provide “Wonder Grants” to the singer’s Shawn Mendes Foundation. Flow says their grants will help support “sustainability activists” who are focused on clean water access and conservation initiatives.

We also have the case of Greta Thunberg, when, less than a year ago, Thunberg revealed on her Twitter a long list of activists and celebrities who had signed her open letter to leaders of the planet to solve environmental problems.

Iconic Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr’s, which launched her organic brand in 2009, has state-of-the-art technology that ensures her home in Los Angeles is as eco-friendly as possible. This technology includes a Skywater 3000, which draws moisture out of the air and provides water for the entire house and its garden fountain.

Millennial icon par excellence, Emma Watson, created an Instagram page to post the sustainable clothing brands she wore during the Beauty and the Beast press tour. Another well-known actress, Penelope Cruz, narrated the documentary series “Our Planet” (available on Netflix) that brings awareness to the natural world’s importance and preservation.

These are just some celebrities examples we could name nowadays. Showing the world they care about our planet’s issues and using their image to promote sustainable brands or movements can positively impact fans’ behavior. These actions encourage their fans to join them against climate change. Kudos!