The ingredients for a Circular Bathroom

De Alliantie, the Social Housing Association, and Intersell BV, the Real Estate Maintenance are fully engaged in making homes more sustainable

Together as partners, they are working on smart solutions to make all homes CO2 neutral by 2050. This is the main reason the two companies aim to produce a Circular Bathroom for a social housing corporation.


Accelerating circularity in construction

The overall goal is to have the most circular bathroom possible. Besides using sustainable materials, one of the essential criteria for this is to have easy attach and disassemble systems, making possible suppliers reuse the building materials. 

According to De Alliantie, creating a circular bathroom means 60% less CO2 emissions than manufacturing, installing, and maintaining a regular toilet. Hence, Sustonable, following its interest in circular and sustainable projects, has been selected to participate in this exciting project. Sustonable was chosen as one of the materials for the walls along with other materials for the floor and sink.

The bathroom with Sustonable panels has scored 64% on the Building Circularity Indicator (BCI), a new type of indicator that Alba Concept has extracted to calculate the material’s circularity level.

Sustonable is participating with its eco panels. The panels are made of recycled PET plastic and quartz, no hazardous chemicals involved, and can be reused, thanks to its durability, or recycled.

The detachability of materials is also an essential part of this circular project. For being circular, replacement, reuse, and renewal actions need to be easily achievable. Dekker has considered this approach in combination with Greengridz: the company is developing a dry installation system to attach Sustonable panels to the walls without adhesives, just with a screw system.

Circular construction represents one of the best opportunities to improve sustainability and diminish building products’ environmental impact. “Any project where recycled materials are used or waste is reused for another construction project will be helping the environment, time-efficiency, and our pocket.” Mentions Enri Pujadas, Marketing Manager at Sustonable.

We are looking forward to see the Circular Bathroom winners!

For more info: info@sustonable.com