Sustonable partners with Modulefabriek, Mapei, Dekker Zevenhuizen and SUEZ for Pilot Plastic packaging material

The program Plastic packaging waste as raw material (KVG) encourages the use of household plastic packaging waste in products. By better interconnecting the supply and demand of recycled plastics, the use of raw materials is reduced and the Circular Economy encouraged. The programme is carried out by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) and the Knowledge Institute Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) and funded by the Waste Fund Foundation Packaging.

The project of Sustonable and its partners The Modulefabriek, MapeiDekker Zevenhuizen y SUEZ, is selected as one of the 14 pilots for the program. The pilot concerns the development of a prefab shower-toilet module. This concept consists of a wall, where the pipes are already built in and where Sustonable composite stone material is used as wall material instead of tiles. Sustonable uses recycled plastic from PET bottles and quartz sand. The recycled PET comes from household waste.

Prefab building wins enormously on terrain. For bathrooms there are already solutions for ‘dry’ work, but often the ‘wet’ piping is still underestimated work. This is solved, by building it already at the workshop in the wall. The Sustonable material offers the advantage of large sheets, which can be placed on the frame at once. At the same time it has the look and feel of stone and good properties of a composite stone. By using recycled PET as a binder, polluting polyester binders are prevented. Furthermore, the material is recyclable after end of life.

The pilot is run by Sustonable with the partners Modulefabriek, Mapei, Dekker Zevenhuizen and SUEZ.

The Modulefabriek is a joint venture between Löwik Installation Technology y Hegeman Construction Group. The Modulefabriek is a system integrator and develops prefab modules for the Modular Home.

Dekker Zevenhuizen is the largest kitchen countertops manufacturer in the Netherlands and growing strongly in the sanitary market. Dekker brings knowledge of the sanitary market, as well as the expertise in manufacturing, because they have one of the most modern and advanced production systems in the world for the processing of composite stone slabs.

Mapei is a worldwide market leader in construction products: adhesives, sealants and chemical products for construction. Mapei will examine the best way of fixing the Sustonable product to the wall.SUEZ is a major worldwide player in the circular economy for sustainable resource management. In the Netherlands, SUEZ Recycling & Recovery is active in collection, processing, recycling and reuse of afval. SUEZ collects the current plastic packaging waste. 70% of Dutch household packaging waste is being sorted in recyclable materials, amongst others in the separation plant in Rotterdam. For the pilot SUEZ supplies the recycled PET.