Movements to save the planet

I’m sure you know Greta Thunberg, that Swedish girl who crossed the Atlantic on a catamaran and faced Donald Trump through the tycoon’s favorite social network: Twitter. That girl who recently turned 18 years old founded in 2018 together with other young Swedes the “Fridays for Future” movement.

The idea came after Thunberg and her friends demonstrated for 3 weeks in a row, during school hours, in front of the Swedish Parliament in August 2018 after a summer full of heatwaves and forest fires in their country.

Fridays for Future is now an international student movement that brings together millions of young people in cities around the world every Friday to demonstrate against climate change.

In 2019, Amnesty International awarded Thunberg and the movement with the Ambassador of Conscience award. “Activism works. So now I ask you to act. Because nobody is too small to be part of the change”, said the Swedish activist when collecting the award.

Since then, Greta Thunberg has become the face of a generation that wants to be heard. Who cries out for a solution against climate change, against pollution. The future is theirs and they want to protect the planet. 

SUSTONABLE wants to be part of the change. We are working to make a clean planet for that generation and for those who believe in it.