Leading the Sustainable Design. Part 1: Monocolours

Sustonable designs are coming to give a sustainable style to your architectural and interior design projects. The Sustonable Collection is a mix of stunning Monocolours, elegant Eco Stone designs, and modern and fun Vogue versions. We are glad to introduce four stunning monocolours und twelve different printed designs, patterns based on nature, and eco-friendly living.

Sustonable range can be incorporated into different applications, providing an intelligent decorative feature to your walls, worktops, backsplashes, cladding.. It is so light, thin, and robust that it can be used practically everywhere a decorative surface is needed.

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Magnolia White

Magnolia White represents coolness and simplicity. It is our neutral white colour, which can be combined with all of our designs. We based this colour on the Magnolia flower, as we wanted to honour this ancient genus (did you know this flower appeared before bees evolved?). Simple but beautiful off white shade.

Magnolia White with our Friendly Terrazzo, just gorgeous!

Lapse Grey

If we could see colours in the time, what colour would be a lapse? Definitely, it would be grey. So, inspired by the movement and negotiating the distance between black and white appears Sustonable Lapse Grey. It is a cold neutral grey, excellent for industrial and nordic styles. 

Night Grey

Our most diplomatic colour, elegant and a bit mysterious, combines perfectly with Lapse Grey. It reminds us of a relaxed night when it is getting darker.

Deepest Grey

The darkest tone of greys gives a sophisticated and edgy look to any project; that is why we have launched Deepest Grey. This shade fits superbly with our other mono colours, providing a fantastic combination trio. A neutral choice to decorate your walls, your kitchen, or your bathroom.

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