TRIBOO, the Circular Office furnisher

We are thrilled to introduce one of our partners: TRIBOO, the Circular Office Furnisher. 

This innovative company helps organisations become circular by turning waste into furnishings. TRIBOO transforms these “worthless” waste streams into valuable circular office furniture with upcycling techniques. 

Circular spaces made from waste

The company works as a circular supply chain, designing, producing and delivering circular products. They are pioneers in creating fantastic circular office spaces with materials made from waste. And that is one of the reasons they have chosen Sustonable.

TRIBOO, as a committed circular company, takes responsibility for the raw materials used, and at the end of their useful life, all appliances are returned to TRIBOO’s hubs. Thus, they prevent any material from being thrown away and waste valuable raw materials.

TRIBO operates from circular hubs at three locations in the Netherlands (where their headquarters are located) and England. They have offices in Denmark too. 

Sustonable is proud to be part of this circular path.

Check their website to learn more about their work and their materials.

Source: www.triboo.nl