Go go… circular!

If you are a linear person, you should know that you are very old-fashioned. The linear economy is a type of economy based on acquiring, using, and disposing of. If these three actions guide your daily life, you are not helping the planet at all…

So, the best way to help the globe and save it from exhaustion is to become Circular. This means changing our lifestyle by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Hence, pollution and the overuse of natural elements are avoided. It is already mandatory to react; otherwise, the planet will be over soon if we continue at this rate (no more planet A, and you know there is no B…).

Furthermore, industrialised companies have much to learn from this, as much of the pollution is produced by them. Sandra Pina, general director of Quiero and director of Sustainable Brands Madrid, commented during the Sustainable Brands Madrid 21 Event: “It is difficult for any company that does not bet on the circular economy and regeneration, to be competitive and maintain its activity within ten years. Companies cannot turn their backs on the circular economy if they want to generate a positive impact on their environment“.

Also, Cristina Rivero Fern├índez, director of the Department of Industry, Energy, Environment and Climate of CEOE, valued in Sustainable Brands Madrid 21 Event that the “circular economy is one of the pillars for economic and social reconstruction and is key to achieving European commitments in the matter reduction of emissions by 2030 and 2050”. So it is in everyone’s hands, individually or corporately, to improve the planet where we live.

At SUSTONABLE, we believe in this circular model. Our production process produces no waste as the material can be reintroduced back to the process, being a material circular and recyclable as we use recycled PET plastic bottles for it ­čÖé