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Four hundred and eighty billion. You read that right. That is how much plastic bottles all of us use worldwide. Every year. Most of those bottles end up in landfills or in the environment. A waste. Because you could also use them to create super strong and incredibly beautiful sheet material; that is what we discovered at Sustonable.

Sustonable was established after years of research in the composite stone industry and the chemical industry. With intensive research, we managed to develop a new kind of composite type on the basis of recycled PET and quartz. We also succeeded in doing so without the use of polluting chemicals and without chemical processes.
This is Sustonable


Thanks to its unique combination of aesthetic and functional properties, Our material is especially well-suited for use in kitchens, bathroom and other interior applications. Think of kitchen countertops, bath tiles and shower walls, and also tables and desks.

We hope to be able to substantially increase our production capacity. It is very dear to us that more architects, construction companies and suppliers of interior products start working with Sustonable. Not just for ourselves, but first and foremost for our environment!
This is Sustonable

Meet our team

Aad van Helden
Technology manager / founder
Laurens van Graafeiland
CFO / founder
Erik Schoneveld
CEO / founder
Richard Lowe
Business development UK
Per Gullbrand
Business Development Nordics